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Brokerage 360 Assessment

Get a comprehensive analysis of your brokerages strengths and weaknesses so you can scale faster

A Proven 46 Point Framework

We will work with you to evaluate where you currently are and map out a plan to get you where you want to go.


Find out exactly what you need to do to attract the best agents to your brokerage


Learn proven tactics to use right away to convert more prospects into quality interviews

Nurture and Grow

Learn what systems you need to have in place so that you can grow and scale fast

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Successfully navigating the complex business difficulties, you face as a brokerage requires deep dives into your business and market to identify threats and opportunities. We'll work with you as an extension of your team to map out a recruiting plan, assisting you to scale and remain ahead of the competition.

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We set appointments with interested agent right on your calendar

Assess where you're succeeding and where you're falling short in your current recruitment strategy.

Our Brokerage 360 Recruiting Assessment will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the current state of your brokerages recruiting process and what immediate actions you can take to position yourself to stand out from the competition.

Brokerage 360 Aseesment

Evaluate your brokerage on every aspect of you recruiting process.

Utilizing 46 different data points, we will score your brokerage on how well positioned you are to Attract, Convert and Grow determining what’s currently lacking and provide recommendations on exactly how you can improve.

Work directly with the experts.

The Team at XL Technologies has over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry. We have helped hundreds of brokerages grow and scale over the years. Our team will work with you directly and provide expert advice on how to improve your recruiting process. We will map out exactly what changes you need to make, and how to implement them so you can grow and scale faster than you thought possible

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For over 20 years we have been helping brokerages of all sizes and models grow their agent rosters. Let us help you.

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