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Our Mission

"At XL Technologies, we have one goal – to help our clients reach their full potential. For nearly two decades, our tight-knit team has been passionate about harnessing new technology, exploring the unconventional, and driving new prospects to companies just like yours."

Co/Founders - Robert Dodd & Joe Solano

Our Values

We define our culture and the values we will live by as an organization so that we can apply that to every customer interaction and engagement.

Create Outstanding Customer Experiences

We are committed to delivering the highest quality products and services to our customers, so they get the most out of the tools and resources we provide.

Foster Respect & Cooperation

At our core, XL Technologies is a family and this concept comes from treating our employees, partners, and customers as people ‐ the way we all should be treated. We openly collaborate to solve problems, while working together to make our products services the best it can be.


All our employees will demonstrate honesty and sound ethical behavior in all customer interactions, and personal integrity in all dealings with each other and our partners.

Execute our mission with passion

Always focus on helping our customers grow their business and provide them with tremendous value with each interaction.

Our Story

Founded in 2001 by Robert Dodd and Joe Solano, XL Technologies is a tight-knit team with a shared passion – growing our client’s businesses through technology. With an eclectic mix of backgrounds throughout our team, including marketing, sales, Information Technology, design, finance and real estate, we bring our talents together to create campaigns, websites and applications that make an impact in the digital world.

Throughout the years, we’ve created multiple successful SaaS tools, including eCampaignPro and Zendio. Whether it’s software, digital marketing solutions or consulting, XL Technologies approaches your project with one goal – to help your business grow with the power of cutting-edge technology.

Meet Our Team

Each of our team members is equipped with a formal education and at least ten years of working in their specific discipline. This marriage of theory and hands-on experience makes everyone an indispensable element in the strategic approach that drives our clients' success.

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