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Multi-Channel Recruiting Campaigns

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Recruiting Real Estate Agent Campaigns

Recruiting real estate agents is a process

Our 4 step process allows us to develop customized recruiting campaigns that attract high quality agents to your brokerage. Our fully managed programs have been developed to maximize your ability to target the right agents at the right time and generate a positive ROI for your brokerage.


Understanding the details of what your brokerage is made up of. What makes you unique in the market place. How do you stand out from the competition. What type of characteristics are you looking for in the agents you hire. What are your goals and objectives.


Based on the information collected during the discovery process we develop a marketing strategy to meet your goals and objectives. This usually includes a variety of distribution channels including advertisements on Facebook, Google retargeting, Linked-In, Twitter, and email.


Once we launch your campaign we continually track all the essential key performance indicators on each platform to maximize your results and ensure that the design of the campaigns we have come up with are reaching your goals.


Constantly monitoring the results of the campaigns and making changes and course corrections is standard practice for us. The right platform, at the right time with the right message to attract the quality real-estate agents you are looking for.

We do an in-depth discovery session

Whether your brokerage is evolving to it's next stage of growth or just starting out, we work with you to clarify your purpose, find your voice, understand your needs, and help you reach your recruiting goals.

We discover what makes your brokerage unique

During our discovery session we work with you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your brokerage in the competitive landscape of the markets you serve, This allows our team to better understand your place in the market and gives us better insight so that we can target the best agents for your brokerage more effectively.

Designs that showcase your brokerage

We hand craft beautifully designed email marketing campaigns, landing pages and social advertisements that are designed to convert and look great on every device. These designs show off your brokerage to make agents want to work for you. Your company culture, mission, office space, commission splits, benefits are all an important part of your value proposition and should be showcased in a way that makes prospects want to contact you.

Whether it’s your company website, emails, or ads, we create beautifully designed marketing materials that engage real estate agents. When you partner with us we make sure your messaging and design resonates with your target market and drive conversions.

Sample real estate agent recruiting campaigns

Target the right agents

Recruiting isn’t just a numbers game. Our targeting methods help us understand more about the agents you are looking for, giving us the insight needed to attract more quality candidates.

We use our proprietary nationwide database of over 1 million licensed real estate agents, developed over the last 15 years to determine the optimized target marketing area or OTMA, improving your chances of attracting the best, most qualified agents in your target markets.

This allows us to create sophisticated retargeting audience segments, and marketing funnels that show your recruiting ad's to the right agents at the right time.

Optimize your campaign for results

When it comes to your recruiting campaigns, we do not leave anything to chance. We continually monitor the key performance indicators (KPI)'s of each campaign on each platform and continually adjust to maximize performance.

Our testing methods take the guesswork out of optimizing your campaign and enables us to make data-informed decisions to increase the number of quality agent leads we generate. As we refine your recruiting campaigns we optimize for what's working beyond just impressions, opens and clicks

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Why choose us as your digital recruiting agency

We help you recruit high-quality agents using sophisticated advertising campaigns designed to generate quality leads to help you grow and build your agent rosters.

Audience Targeting

Research is everything. We dive deeply into your target demographic, helping you identify and engage the most desirable audience, positioning your campaigns for success in the process.

Social Media Advertising

Each social media channel is unique and needs a different approach. We build powerful display ad campaigns to connect with your target demographic on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, an Instagram.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Beat the competition with our bespoke PPC ad campaigns. We pick the right keywords to engage your ideal target demographic and craft powerful ads that'll drive the right traffic to your website.

Landing Page Design

Beautiful, responsive, hand-built landing pages. Our team of designers, developers and copywriters come together to build landing pages that are guaranteed to convert your traffic and help your campaigns perform at their best.

UX Design

Good design is invisible, and how your users experience your website, tool or application can make or break its success. Our UX designers ensure their experience is both delightful and intuitive.


We leverage our decades of experience in digital marketing to craft the perfect copy at every touchpoint. From welcome emails to landing pages through to your marketing collateral, we help focus on increasing conversions.

Email Marketing

What content keeps readers interested? What's the secret to increasing clickthroughs? We have the answers. Our team builds engaging, high-conversion email campaigns to convert your prospects.


Data is the key to increasing your sales and conversions. We use analytics tools, surveys, heatmaps, CRM platforms and more to understand your audience, your campaigns, and how to continually hone and improve.

Custom Development

We've built multiple SaaS tools in our years - particularly for the real estate industry. If you need help with custom development, our team of designers, developers and marketing experts can help you create it.

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